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Business Meeting


What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services and custom solutions that can ensure your online presence, identify areas of improvement, automate processes, and provide you with tools and analytical insights so you can make informed decisions that help make you a formidable business.

Business Consulting

Starting or owning a small business can be overwhelming. We offer assistance in choosing the best business type, tax process, and legal needs to own your own business. 

  • Legal and tax needs - Register the name with the State of Florida

  • Tax ID - Obtain a company or sole proprietor Tax ID 

  • Insurance Needs - Provide you with the necessary Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation options

Business Planning
  • Performance Measurement

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Business Process 

  • Roles & Functions

  • Workflow Development

Business Management
  • Industry Financial Benchmark

  • Best Practices

  • Process Improvement

  • Management Development

  • Employee Training eautomate training

Hispanic Immigrant Assistance
  • We offer basic Immigration services; translation services; and general assistance for those seeking solutions to problems that affect their family, and directing clients to proper legal resources in our county.

  • Documentation and Tax Needs

  • Assistance with Forms - Help you complete forms for ITIN

  • Notary Services

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